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1. How can I open an account with your New York Branch and New York Chinatown branch?

Currently you have to open an account in person with 2 valid IDs, such as your passport, permanent residence visa(green Card), driver’s license or state ID.

2. Do I have direct access to my accounts in the BOC branches outside the U.S. or vice versa?

No. For example, you cannot access your account you hold with our branch through a BOC account in China. However, you can transfer funds between your accounts in China and the U.S. through remittance by sending us written instructions.

3. May I open an RMB account with you or convert currency between RMB and USD?

No. We do not provide RMB accounts or currency exchange service between RMB and USD.

4. Can I do remittance by mail?

Yes. You can go to the index page, click on the Remittance link, then Forms to download the application form. There are two kinds of forms, one for account customers and one for non-account customers. Just follow instructions to fill out the form and mail it to the address shown on the form with required documents.

5. What are the differences between T/T and M/T?

T/T stands for Telegraphic Transfer and M/T for Mail Transfer. It should take 1-2 business days for T/T and 7-14 business days for M/T to reach the beneficiary’s bank once we receive your application with immediately available fund. However, it will take much longer (additional 4-7 business days) if you use a personal check as payment tool.

6. What are the advantages of being an account customer in terms of remittance service?

* Unlimited amount - There is no dollar amount cap for an account customer.
* Faster remittance - The remittance will be faster for our account customers since the remittance can be done from account to account.
* More available services - More remittance services are available for our account customers such as Deposit - Remittance Link Service, Golden Age Remittance Service and Family Care Remittance Service.

7. What information should I provide to my bank if I want to remit money to China through your Branch?

If you remit money from your bank using our Branch as intermediary, you should provide your bank the following information about our branch:

* Bank name:             Bank of China
* ABA routing number: 026003269
* SWIFT code:             BKCH US33

8. May I use my Great Wall Credit Card to withdraw money at ATMs located in the U.S.?

Whether you are able to withdraw cash for ATMs in the U.S. depends on the type of card you have. If there is a NYCE or Cirrus logo on the back of your card, then you are able to withdraw cash from ATMs with the same logo. Otherwise, you may want to check wtih your card issuer to find out whether you can withdraw money from ATMs in the U.S.


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