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Export Discounting

-The most convenient export trade financing

WHAT--What is export discounting?

·         The business of short term financing provided by the bank to the exporter, by means of buying with recourse immature usance draft accepted by the issuing bank or the nominated bank.

 WHAT--Why choose export discounting?

·         Simplify financing procedure—the simplest trading finance which a bank is willing to provide;

·         Accelerate capital circulation—The exporter can get paid before the maturity of the usance draft so as to accelerate capital circulation;

·         Expand trade opportunity—capable of providing financing facility of deferred payment and expanding trade opportunity for importer.

WHEN--When to use export discounting?

·         When the usance draft has been accepted by the issuing/nominated bank under L/C, in case the exporter meets with temporary difficulties in capital turnover difficulties and needs short term financing he may select export discounting;

·         When the issuing/nominated bank under L/C has accepted the usance draft, in case the exporter meets with another investment of which the expected gain rate is higher than the discounting interest.

HOW-- How to handle export discounting operation?

·         The Operation flow

Export Discounting

·         Points for Attention

1.     At the time of signing the contract, the exporter had better agree with the importer for taking usance accepted L/C as form of settlement;

2.     When the opening/nominated bank has accepted the usance draft or sent acceptance notice, the exporter should submit the financing application to the discounting bank;

3.     The bank does not handle the discounting only for investment purpose without trade background.

Advantages of Bank of China

·         Predominant reputation —— BOC has a long history of over 90 years and has been awarded “the Best Bank in China” by “Euromoney” for successively 8 times. With the progressively improved system of corporate governance, overall integration of operation flow, wholly-upgraded service efficiency and rich financial products, BOC has continued to advance toward its goal of becoming a leading universal international bank;

·         Vigorous strategy —— All-out exertion to expand the strategy of developing intermediate business, especially trade finance;

·         Rich products —— Not only foreign currency discounting is provided; Renminbi discounting is also available for customs.

·         Abundant capital —— Bank of China, with the strongest foreign exchange power and a continually enhanced RenMinBi capital power, provides clients to carry out our export services.

·         Preferential price —— Provide the most beneficial financing plan as per the interest rate on the market, help the clients lower the financial expense.

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