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1.   New York Night Shift  and Beijing Headquarter Clearing Service

Bank of China New York Branch is the only bank in the United States that provides 24 hours online clearing service. Night Shift Service offers customers with bilingual (Chinese and English) inquiry service, takes care of payments which have special requirements and handles all kinds of remittances on a real time basis, such as special requirement remittance, China Domestic Remittance, Asia Remittance, Taiwan Remittance and Priority Remittance.

US Dollar Service Team in Beijing, China provides such services as Payment Transaction Inquiry, Investigation Case Inquiry and Correspondent Bank Information Inquiry. These services are convenient, secure, up-to-date and best of all, free of charge, thus streamlining the operations of domestic and overseas branches.

Night Shift Business Hours:  

Beijing Time Monday to Friday    10:00 AM--6:00 PM

Customer Service Manager:        001-646-231-3156

Customer Service Representative: 001-646-231-3182

Fax: 001-212-593-4526

Beijing U.S. Dollar Service Team:

Manager: Ms. Yanmei Che

Manager: Ms. Lijun Chen

Toll free number: 800-810-1206

Fax: 010-8297-4100

2.   Full-Pay Service

Full-Pay Service ensures that a customer's remittance is received in full amount by the beneficiary. It has three characteristics:

1) With the code “/FULLPAY/” or “/FULLPAY/SHA” under instruction, no fees are deducted from the remittance proceeds, except a nominal fee from the remitting bank's account.

2) If the BBK has an account with Bank of China New York, the fee is the same as those non-Full-Pay transactions.

3) The service covers all the countries and regions outside the United States.

3.   Inquiry through Internet

Bank of China New York Branch provides financial institution customers with the GWS (Former GPIS), an online inquiry system to allow them to check real-time processing status of transactions. After the upgrade of GWS in 2011, all functions have been further improved. The Clearing system of Bank of China New York – GPS is synchronized with the CHIPS and FEDWIRE clearing systems and operates 21.5 hours each working day. By using GWS, customers are able to check balance and transaction status to better manage their funds.

4.   Asia Remittance

All Qualified messages of remittance to the countries and regions in Asia are processed automatically and instantly by our system. If an SWIFT instruction is not qualified or our bank is instructed to select an intermediary bank, our day time and night shift staffs will process it in a timely manner to ensure that the funds will be received by the beneficiary's bank on a real time basis.

5.   Taiwan Remittance

Through the cooperation of correspondent banks, Bank of China New York channels mainland Chinese customers' remittance to Taiwan if the remitting banks use the code “/TAIW/”. The whole process is automated with the guarantee of receipt of funds on the same value day Beijing time. The fee charge of this service is very competitive.

6.   Wire Express

Bank of China New York is the first bank to provide this service. When a remitting bank sends a payment order under Wire Express instruction, Bank of China New York can inform the beneficiary for any incoming funds via the beneficiary's email or text message to a Chinese mobile number. This service is automatic and free of charge.

7.   Payment with Priority

Bank of China New York will automatically place the payment ahead of any of the following three queues - CHIPS, FEDWIRE and internal book transfer if the code “/PRIO/” is used. The payment will be released in priority.

8.   Payment at Request

The payment can be temporarily held off until further instructions with the Code “/HOLD/”.

9.   RMB Remittance

Bank of China New York Branch is the only bank providing RMB Remittance service in the U.S. with Chinese government's authorization.RMB Remittance enables the remitter to know exactly how much RMB the beneficiary will receive at the time the payment is issued, which eliminates foreign exchange risk and the uncertainty about the RMB amount to be received. For the sending bank that uses RMB remittance service from Bank of China New York, it can calculate to-be-sent USD amount based on to-be-received RMB amount.

10. CNY Payment

For customers who hold CNY currency account with Bank of China New York, they can remit funds in RMB.

11. Intermediary Selection Service

When a remitting bank has difficulty deciding which intermediary bank to use, Bank of China New York can offer its help. We have accumulated extensive experience over years of service in selecting intermediary banks for remitting banks from China. In addition, our clearing system is capable of sorting out the correspondent banks for a receiving bank through its online connections to CHIPS and FEDWIRE database. The timeliness of this service is warranted by the Night Shift Service introduced earlier.

12. Customized Service Charges

Bank of China New York branch has a flexible fee structure and can provide customized fee schedules according to customer needs.

1)  Differentiate the fees on outgoing and incoming payments

2)  Differentiate the fees on MT103 and MT202( Payment under Trade)

3)  Set the fees according to payment amount

4)  Others

13. SWIFT Message Analysis

Bank of China New York can analyze the payment instructions received from sending institutions periodically and prepare the analysis report. The analysis report includes the reason why the payment instruction cannot be process automatically or were returned. The goal of the report is to improve the accuracy of the payment instructions received from the sending institution to allow timely and effective transfer.

Service and Feedback

Should you have any questions about the above products and services or any concerns or suggestions to the Clearing Department of our bank, please contact the Clearing Department via CLRSERVICE@BOCUSA.COM.



1.   纽约夜间清算服务和北京总行清算服务(NY night shift and Beijing headquarter clearing service





夜班服务时间:北京时间周一至周五  上午10:00至下午6:00




北京美元清算延伸服务:车燕梅 经理        陈丽均 经理



2.   额到账服务 (Full-Pay Service


1)  汇款行在发送SWIFT MT103时,需要按照要求在报文中注明业务标识符/FULLPAY/(费用外扣)或/FULLPAY/SHA(费用内扣);

2)  收费合理,当收款行在纽约中行开有账户时,纽约中行只收取与普通汇款相同的转汇费;

3)  全额全额到账服务涵盖除美国之外的所有国家和地区,也没有汇款的金额限制。

3.   网上实时查询服务(Inquiry through Internet


4.   洲实时汇款(Asia Remittance


5.   湾优惠汇款 (Taiwan Remittance


6.   汇款快信通知服务 (Wire Express


7.   优先序列付款服务 (Payment with Priority


8.   延后付款服务(Payment at Request


9.   人民币汇款服务(CNY Payment


10. 人民币预结汇代理汇款(RMB Remittance


11. 为选择中转行服务(Intermediary Selection Service


12. 客户化收費功能(Customized Service Charges


1)   收款和付款区别收费

2)   区別客户汇款和银行调拨贸易项下收费

3)   按照不同汇款金额设定价格标准

4)   其他

13. SWIFT报文分析服务(SWITF Message Analysis


服务和反馈(Service and Feedback


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