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Wire Express

1.     When the remitter fills out the remittance application form, the remitter is allowed to use the wire express service if the corresponding bank is Bank of China New York (SWIFT code BKCHUS33) and the instruction contains the mobile phone number (China Mainland) and/or the email address of the beneficiary person in China. The remitter can request the sending bank to include the beneficiary mobile phone number and email address at the SWIFT field 70 or Fedwire/CHIPS OBI field to qualify for this free service.

2.     The Chinese mobile phone number and the email address each takes one line in the SWIFT Field 70 or FEDWIRE/CHIPS OBI Field. When using the wire express service, the “@” character in the email address is indicated as “+”. For example, if a beneficiary person's mobile phone number is 12345678901 and the email address is, the format should be:

Field Number

Mobile Number and Email Address

Mobile Number

Email Address

SWIFT Field70

CHIPS OBI  Field or Fedwire OBI Field



Please do not add a slash"/" before the phone number or e-mail address, nor place these two pieces of information in one line. The following inputs both are incorrect.  

Wrong Example1):/12345678901


Wrong Example2): 12345678901

3.    The Notification message is in Chinese and the content is as follows:


(“Hello, (the remitter's name) has wired a remittance to you via Bank of China New York Branch on Month/Day, Year. Please inquire with your bank. Thank you.” )

4.     To ensure that the remittance notification will reach the right payee on time, the remitter should provide the remitting bank with payee's correct mobile phone number (China only) and/or e-mail address when filling out the remittance form.


       For more information of Clearing products and services please click here


Bank of China New York Branch will not take any responsibility for any dispute, claim or compensation as a result of notification message caused by incorrect information provided by the remitter.

Bank of China New York Branch reserves the right to interpret and make changes to the terms and conditions under which the BOC Wire Express service is offered.


  1. 汇款人只需在填写银行汇款申请表时,通过纽约中行转汇(SWIFT代码BKCHUS33),同时根据自身需要填写中国境内收款人的手机号码和(或)国内外收款人的电子邮件地址,并指示汇款银行把收款人的手机号码和电子邮件地址在汇款指令的“汇款人摘要信息栏”(SWIFT70场,或Fedwire/CHIPSOBI场次)注明,便可享受此项免费服务。
  2. 每条手机号码和邮件地址在“汇款人摘要信息栏”各占用一行,其中电子邮件地址中的“@”符号用“+”表示,例如一个收款人的手机号码是12345678901电子邮件地址为,在银行汇款指令中就是:





SWIFT 70 场         CHIPS OBI 场次  FEDWIRE OBI 场次






错误举例(2): 12345678901

  1. 短信,电子邮件内容和格式如下:


  1. 为确保汇款通知信息准确无误地发至国内外收款人,汇款人在填写汇款申请表时需准确填写国内收款人手机号码和国内外收款人的电子邮件地址,如汇款人所填写信息有误造成信息错发,由此而引起的任何纠纷,责任及赔偿不由中国银行负责。



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