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Welcome to use new Bank of China MasterCard Debit Card!

Your new Bank of China MasterCard Debit Card can be used to purchases anywhere the corresponding network logos , ,  are accepted, and provides you with credit card functions for purchases and other banking service. This card is also an essential pass for your international activities like traveling abroad, business trips, etc. It offers you access to ATMs worldwide at anytime.

Experience the versatility, security, convenient and flexibility of new Bank of China debit Master card. It will assist you in your financial planning and success.


1. Convenience in use. A cardholder may obtain cash or purchase goods or services, consume without the need to bring their deposit passbook or I.D card. Additionally, the card can be linked to multiple accounts, such as: Checking, Money Market, Now, and Statement Savings Account.

2. Multifunctional Service. The Bank of China debit card allows you to withdraw and transfer funds, check your account balance, change your PIN, purchase goods and services, and you can do it at seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

3. Withdraw from our ATMs at no cost. You can make cash withdrawals at any BOCUSA ATMs without surcharge. In addition, if your account meets the minimum balance requirement, we will reimburse you two surcharges every month for using any non-BOC ATMs in the U.S.

4. Worldwide ATM Withdrawal at low cost. You may make cash withdrawals with our cards at any ATMs around the world where MasterCard is accepted. An international convenience fee of 1.75% of your transactions outside the U.S. will be applied.

5. Easy POS transaction. You may use your card to purchase goods and services at any merchants in the U.S. where MasterCard is accepted. You can make payments at shops, hotels, restaurants, airports, hospitals, etc., to spare you the trouble of carrying cash and paying additional transaction fees.

6. Convenience. Pay for your purchases and bills with your Bank of China Master Debit Card via mail, phone or Internet without checks and stamps.

7. Security. With 24/7 monitoring fraud protection, personal password, and monthly account statements, the card is safe to use.

8. Simple application procedures with no annual fee. Card account opening service is available at all Bank of China, USA branches and on internet.

Service Network for Bank of China MasterCard Debit Card

Bank of China MasterCard Debit Card provides you a large and strong service network. In mainland China, there are more than 10,000 Bank of China branches and offices with nearly 80,000 ATMs. You can pay for your hotel accommodations, dining, tickets and shopping with Bank of China MasterCard Debit Card.



中国银行美国地区分行推出的中银借记卡,集ATM卡和信用卡的功能于一体,让您可以在全球带有相应卡标如:, ,  的地方进行取现和购物消费。不管您是在何时何地,国内还是国外,中银借记卡都将为您带来安全、方便和快捷的服务。






4. 全球取现费用低廉。您可以使用您的卡在全球任何接受万事达卡的ATM 上取现,美国境外交易的手续费只需交易额的1.75%

5. 刷卡消费便捷。凭此卡您可在美国任何接受MasterCard的商户如:商场、酒店、餐厅、机场、医院等刷卡消费,无交易费用。一卡在手,为您免去携带现金的麻烦。

6. 省时又省钱。持中银卡,您可通过电话、邮件或网上银行,便捷缴纳各种费用而无需支票或邮票。

7. 安全。为确保中银卡有着最高安全性,它有全天候24小时的防盗监察系统,个人密码确认和可追查性月结单服务。

8. 申请简单且无需年费。您可以向我们分行提出申请,也可以通过我们的网上银行提出申请。



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