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Change of Remittance Policy


Dear Customers:

          We appreciate your support and banking with us. In order to provide you with better remittance service, please kindly be informed of the following changes regarding Outward Remittance:

1. We will only offer wire transfer. Mail transfer will not be accepted.

2. In order to ensure the recipient receives the funds on timely basis, you need to provide the beneficiary bank identifier and recipient’s account number.

3. We will no longer accept wire transfers requested by mail from non-account customer.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call our customer service representatives listed below:

              Bank of China New York Branch, Banking Department

              Tel: 212-935-3101 Ext: 3116

              Bank of China Queens Branch

              Tel: 212-925-2355 Ext: 8811

          Our global remittance service will let you enjoy the safe and quick experience banking as always.

Bank of China New York Branch

Bank of China Queens Branch





感谢您一直以来对我行业务的信赖和支持!为了给您提供更好的汇款服务, 我行将对汇出汇款业务进行以下调整:

1. 统一提供方便快捷的电汇服务,不再接受信汇申请;

2. 为了保证收款人及时收到汇款,您需要提供收款银行的名称和收款人账号;

3. 不再接受非我行客户的邮寄电汇申请。


     纽约分行营业部            电话 212-935-3101 3116

     皇后分行           电话 212-925-2355 8811




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