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Card Alert Notification


Dear Customer:

In order to protect your debit card from fraud, the Fraud Alerts is implemented to notify you of suspicious transactions via SMS/text messages.  If potentially fraudulent transactions are taking place, we'll contact you immediately and take relevant actions so that future fraudulent transactions in such patterns can be avoided.

What we monitor

Your card transactions are monitored for purchases outside your normal purchasing patterns, unusual timeframes and geographical locations, or purchase patterns that are consistent with previously identified fraud patterns.

How we contact you

The Card Fraud Alerts service offers a convenient and free [1] method to contact you fast.  You will receive a text message asking you to confirm if a suspicious transaction was authorized by you.

Receiving a text message

   The text message will arrive with a 5 digit code (33748) and contain our Bank name, dollar amount of the transaction and merchant name.

   You will be asked to reply with “Yes” if you authorized the transaction.  You will receive a confirming text message and can continue to use your card with confidence. 

   A “No” reply means you have not authorized the transaction.  You will receive a confirming text message and you will be contacted immediately by a fraud specialist of our Bank to protect your   account.  Please answer this important call.             

   Do not reply to the text message with any personal or confidential information.

   If you would like to opt out of receiving these important alert messages by text, you may reply with STOP to indicate this preference.

Help us protect you

             Keep us up to date with your current mobile and home phone numbers and contact information. Traveling in the U.S. or to a foreign country for an extended period of time?  Contact us prior to your departure and we'll make our monitoring more flexible during your travel or vacation time.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our customer service at

New York Branch, Banking Department Tel:  212-935-3101 or Queens Branch Tel:  212-925-2355.


Yours Sincerely,

Bank of China New York Branch

Bank of China Queens Branch









·         文本信息的来信显示号码为5位数(33748),信息内容包括我行名称,交易金额,和商家名称。

·         如文本信息上显示的交易为您所授权的,您需要回复“Yes”进行确认。确认后,您会收到一条确认信息,并且可以继续放心地使用您的借记卡。

·         如文本信息上显示的交易不是您授权的,您需要回复“No”进行否认。否认后,您会收到一条确认信息,并且我行的诈骗交易调查专业人员会立刻致电给您以保障您的账户安全。请接听这通重要的电话。

·         请不要在回复信息时提供或附带任何个人或保密信息。

·         如果您不想接收这些重要的警告信息,请您在收到第一条文本信息时回复“STOP”表明您的要求。


·         请及时向我们更新您的手机及座机联系电话以及其他联系方式。

·         如果您打算在美国旅行或国外旅行时使用我行的借记卡,请在出发前联系和通知我行。我行将为您作出相应监测调整,以便您能安心地享受旅程。


纽约分行营业部     电话  212-935-3101

皇后分行           电话  212-925-2355



[1]   Your other standard carrier charges may apply. 您的手机通讯商可能有其他收费。

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