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New York Global Finance Academy Delivered Fourth Session of “2021 US AML & Sanction Compliance Series Training”


On December 20th, New York Global Finance Academy successfully completed the fourth and last session of “2021 US Anti-Money Laundering & Sanction Compliance Series Training” - “Reporting and Documentation,” co-hosted by BOC University Risk Governance & AML Academy. The session was delivered by Head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Jason L. Lyall, Team Lead for the FIU External Engagement Team (EET), James Pollack, and Team Lead/Supervisor of the FIU Transaction Monitoring Overarching Review (TMOR), Member of the FIU Quality Assurance (QA) Team, Stephen G. Fryer.

The training discussed the importance of reporting and documentation, and how they interplay in the foundation of a strong BSA/AML Program. The session provided fundamental knowledge on what reporting and documentation is and why is it important; and penalties & enforcement actions related to failure to report and failure to document.

This session also concluded the 2021 US AML & Sanction Compliance Series Training, which was a great success. A total of over 96,000 group-wide attendees joined the four live training sessions.