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Demand Deposit Accounts (DDA) & Sweep Accounts (Sweep)

Bank of China U.S.A.’s New York branch offers USD and RMB vostro account services to all eligible Financial Institutions.

Key Features

Flexible and convenient

Non-interest bearing Demand Deposit Accounts (DDA), provide a flexible and convenient way to maintain and access funds on demand


Enhance your yield return

Fully automated Sweep Accounts, sweep idle balances to invest overnight, helping you to enhance the yield return for your deposit. Funds are swept back from the investment to the Demand Deposit Account (DDA).

Multiple denominations

Accounts can be denominated in USD, CNY, and CNH.

24-hour inquiry service

New York Branch provides customers with access to a 24-hour online inquiry service free of charge, through the Clearing Payment inquiry system. Any customer who has an account with New York Branch may make an inquiry about clearing transactions through the Clearing Payment inquiry system, anywhere in the world.

Eligible Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions that hold accounts with BOC U.S.A’s New York branch