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Welcome to the new Bank of China U.S.A. website.

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BOC U.S.A. is a key hub in Bank of China’s global trading network. Along with Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and London, we provide comprehensive around-the-clock coverage across major asset classes for our corporate and institutional clients.


We provide our clients with hedging solutions for foreign exchange and interest rate products globally, as well as having access to money markets, fixed income, and research across major asset classes. Our local knowledge and expertise, in addition to the support of BOC’s international footprint, means we are well positioned to serve and add value to our clients with comprehensive market risk solutions.


BOC U.S.A.’s global trading expertise allows us to tailor business coverage for a variety of strategic requests with competitive rates in major currencies, with a special focus in offshore Renminbi (RMB) pricing. In e-trading, we are a strong liquidity participant for major FX trading platforms, enabling our clients to take advantage of our competitive FX rates to meet their hedging needs.

As a major RMB liquidity provider with strong pricing capabilities for both onshore and offshore RMB foreign exchange and funding, BOC U.S.A. is a leading CNH provider for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies through our e-trading platform. For U.S. financial institutions with RMB accounts, onshore RMB (CNY) FX is available for underlying transactions that qualify for cross-border RMB settlement.

We provide our clients with interest rate swap, cross-currency swap, and other derivatives products to manage exposures according to their portfolio strategies. In addition to offering hedging solutions, we help clients meet specific regulatory obligations, such as performing mandatory Swap Data Reporting (SDR) on behalf of those without SDR mechanisms.

With a strong capital position and diversified funding channels, BOC U.S.A. is equipped with products for asset and liability management solutions, such as Brokered/Yankee Certificate of Deposits (CD), Commercial Paper (CP), Repurchase Agreement (Repo), interbank borrowing and lending, and fixed-income investment.

BOC U.S.A. is committed to providing high-quality market research that is adaptable to client needs, with economic insights to help clients optimize their business opportunity and risk management strategies. Our team of strategists frequently publish timely coverage on FX and interest rates, global macroeconomics, emerging markets and commodities, in addition to other high-level services, to institutional and corporate clients around the world.


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