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Custody Services

Providing secure Clearance, Settlement, and Asset Servicing for clients.


Bank of China is one of the leading global custody banks, providing tailored solutions for both Chinese and foreign companies. As a member bank of the Federal Reserve System, Euroclear, and the Depository Trust Clearing (DTC), BOC U.S.A. provides secure Clearance, Settlement, and Asset Servicing for our clients’ global and domestic custody needs.

Key Features

Safekeeping of securities

Safekeeping of securities for our clients’ U.S. markets investment(s), including fixed-income securities, equities and other financial assets

Trade matching

Trade matching (i.e. Clearing) and Settlement where we receive or deliver securities via our Central Securities Depository accounts at DTC Euroclear, and the Federal Reserve System

Asset Servicing

Asset Servicing, including: 

  • Receiving Interest/Dividend on behalf of clients
  • Assisting clients in mandatory and voluntary corporate actions, including tenders, mergers, redemptions with others 
  • Assisting clients in non-resident tax related issues such as U.S. Withholding Tax, Treaty Tax Rates on Non–U.S. Issued Securities, as well as other custody related issues

 Eligible Financial Institutions

Our Custody Service team serves both institutional investors and corporate clients, including commercial banks, investment banks, multinational companies, and government agencies.