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Open a deposit account that meets your needs and is loaded with variety of features.

Deposit Accounts

BOC U.S.A. offers a wide range of accounts including checking accounts, savings accounts, money market deposit accounts (MMDAs), and certificates of deposit (CDs) that are tailored to your banking needs. Dedicated to making our customers our first priority, we provide you with the support needed to reach your financial goals.


Take advantage of higher interest rates to help your money grow and reach your financial goals

Open up a Traditional IRA Account to enjoy a tax advantage while saving for your retirement in a safe and secure way. The earlier you start saving in a tax-deferred IRA, the more time you have for the savings to grow.

High-rate money market accounts help you manage money for a stronger financial futures

We offer overseas student account services for Chinese students studying abroad in the U.S. Your BOC U.S.A. checking account, debit card and online banking service will be ready to use before your arrival in U.S.!

BOC U.S.A.’s personal checking accounts provide a convenient way to make deposits, withdrawals, transfer funds, write checks and link debit cards

Our competitive savings accounts offer a range of account features, giving you the ability to earn interest, set up recurring transfers and manage your money online.


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