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Independent Risk Management

Independent Risk Management (IRM) departments are the second line of defense to oversee our U.S. branches’ risk-taking activities independent of Front Line Units (FLUs).

Our Mission

At Bank of China U.S.A., we are dedicated to:


  • Supporting business units to take prudent risk when conducting their business activities
  • Protecting the enterprise through a defined risk management process of identification, assessment, monitoring, control and escalation
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance via the sound and ethic risk culture and corresponding conduct



Our Approach

We partner with FLUs to establish and maintain an appropriate risk governance framework, under which risk appetite and limits, policies and procedures, processes and systems are defined to guide risk management activities. The framework is implemented across our U.S. branches to cover all applicable risk categories including Compliance Risk, Credit Risk, Operational Risk, Liquidity Risk and other areas.